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How to Improve Targeted Email Marketing with Personalization

How to Improve Targeted Email Marketing with Personalization



Boost your target email marketing strategy with these tips!

Targeted email marketing promotes consumer loyalty and increases conversions. Implement these simple email marketing ideas for a successful strategy.

Marketers have realized that consumers respond much better to marketing efforts if they feel the content they are receiving was tailored specifically to them. Therefore, personalization in all aspects of marketing, has become increasingly popular. According to research done by EPiServer, 14% of marketers said that personalized campaigns generate a better response rate than mass-market campaigns. What better way to target your audience than by reaching them directly in their inbox? Implementing personalization techniques in your email marketing strategy will promote conversions and customer loyalty. Consider these simple personalized email marketing ideas to reach your goals.


  • Ask (the Right) Questions.

Asking visitors why they visited your site, became a customer/user, or subscribed to your brand’s email newsletter is a simple yet effective preliminary way to gather great information on your consumer base. You can use this information to plan targeted emails that are tailored to specifically grouped contacts, so that the content your users are receiving is content they want to open and read.

  • Make Your Sender Human.

This is a simple strategy to instantly create a personalized human experience with your recipients. Instead of sending run of the mill branded emails from your company’s name, make it come from a member of your team. This minuscule touch will make your consumers more receptive and willing to act or react. Make sure your reply-to email is a working address to enable your recipient to connect with you instantaneously.

  • Address Recipients by Name.

When engaging in email correspondence with friends or colleagues, don’t you always address them by name? Why not incorporate that mentality into your marketing emails? A lead’s name is one of the most accessible pieces of data to gather, so use it to your advantage! Most email service providers come equipped with personalization options to address your recipients by first or full name. It’s a simple and effective way to engage your contacts immediately.

  • Utilize Personas for Strategic Marketing Ideas.

Just like our first tip, this tip requires some information gathering. Knowing the persona of the people you’re reaching via email is extremely important to reach your marketing goals. Marketing personas are made up of the important characteristics your customers have that are relevant to the way they buy products, or interact with content. Some details that may be included in customer personas are languages spoken, income level, specific interests, and personal/business goals. After you collect the data, the next step is to segment your lists into more specific lists to group like contacts together. When you know whom you’re contacting, you’ll be able to strategize the best way to make that interaction successful.

  • Automation is the King of Success Factors.

Automation is one of the most well known strategies when it comes to targeted email marketing. Implement triggered email communications to automatically follow-up with customers as they complete various goals: sign ups, purchases, subscriptions, inquiries, visits, etc. Personalized messages sent in real-time can make a lasting impression in a consumer’s mind, and may influence him to come back to your site at a later time.


Personalization strategies are being implemented in basically every aspect of marketing. As new technologies and tactics are created, email marketing success factors change, and marketers find themselves increasingly armed with the tools they need to reach their audience effectively. When considering email marketing ideas, your goal should be to appeal to each recipient as directly as possible. Follow the tips above and watch your clicks, engagement, and conversions grow!

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